About Peeled Collective


Peeled Collective creates surreal worlds in which the body is able to take on new meaning and is not shy to push the boundaries of the body's physicality.


Peeled Collective, founded by Emma Hanekroot and Emma Versluys, is a collective that creates artistic work in which movement is the common thread. The makers find each other in working from vulnerability, a peeled state of being.

Emma Hanekroot often starts from a feeling of loneliness, making art is a way for her to connect with the people around her. She hopes not only to make a connection herself, but to bring others together and give them a sense of visibility.

Emma Versluys works from a feeling of often feeling lost in the world. Making art is a way for her to get a grip on the world around her. It is also a way to make space for herself and others. She hopes that by expressing this, she can also offer others a sense of stability.

Through years of collaboration, the makers have developed a common visual language and self-evidence in their collaboration. Dance is primarily the starting point. Emma Versluys is also a visual artist and Emma Hanekroot a writer. These disciplines are involved in the creation processes. The use of language and images creates layers in the artistic work. Their work is characterized by physically intensive partner work in which the two are often dependent on each other.


Peeled Collective creates surreal worlds in which the body takes on new meaning and is not shy to push the boundaries of each other's physicality.

As performers, Emma and Emma are an interesting combination. While one person moves large, form-oriented and explosive, the other focuses more on details, movement qualities and feeling. This creates a shared movement language that moves between these qualities.

About Emma Hanekroot

Emma Hanekroot (Ede/NL 1996) graduated in 2021 from the BA Dance Academy of Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts as dancer, performer, and choreographer. Ever since she has performed in a wide range of productions; from dance performances till installation work. She was part of productions like: ‘Age of rage’ by Ivo van Hove, Wim Vandekeybus and ITA ensemble, ‘A better son daughter’ and ‘Mind over Matter’ by Constantin Trommlitz, ‘U bevindt zich hier’ by Dries Verhoeven, ‘Hypnos’ and ‘CIAO’ by Marcel Leeman Physical Dance Theater, ‘The National Chain’ by Alexandra Waierstall and ‘It takes a child to raise a village’ by Corpo Maquina Society


As performer Emma distinguishes herself by physically challenging partner work, creativity, flexibility, and diversity in movement qualities.

Emma enjoys questioning the boundaries of dance. She preferably works within different art disciplines in her own creations and in her performative work.

As a choreographer Emma is part of the dance theater collective ‘Peeled Collective’. She has also created her own work for LekART Festival in 2020 ‘een lichaam dat zichzelf heeft neergelegd’.


Emma Hanekroot also works as a writer. in 2019 she achieved 3rd place in the writing contest Write Now! Nijmegen with her short story 'Onder de oppervlakte'. After that she wrote text for performances of Marcel Leeman, Constantin Trommlitz and Peeled Collective. In 2024 her first book, The Soil, the Seeds in collaboration with Sebastiaan Hanekroot (photograper and designer) will be published. 

About Emma Versluys

Emma Versluys (Ghent/BE) graduated in 2021 from the BA Dance Academy of Fontys School of Fine and performing Arts, as dancer, performer, and choreographer. Since then, she has been freelancing internationally as a performer and maker.
Emma has performed in works of different makers such as; 'The National Chain Practices' by Alexandra Waierstall, 'It takes a child to raise a village' and 'Bollas' with Corpo Maquina, 'Transcending bodies' by Hannah Zwaans, 'Human Dancer' by Antonin Rioche, 'Whizz Whoosh' by Andreas Hannes and many more.

In her work, Emma explores many different art forms such as dance, visual arts, installation work and writing. Her work centers around questioning and embracing what it means to be a human.


Next to creating within the collective, Emma was maker for a diverse set of work under which; 'Uitwaaien' in collaboration with Aura Bouw, 'en dan zucht de wind terug' a shortfilm, 'Intertwinning' in collaboration with Mathias Geerkens, 'Expamples of time' as part of Brussels Dance Competition.