Yellow days, yellow haze


“You know, for a long time, I felt the urge of running away. Not the kind of running away where you pack a bag, start walking and no one knows where you are. But the kind of running away that gives you a chance at a new life. However, at the moment, I don’t feel this urge too much.”


Credits, support and technical info


Concept and creation: Peeled Collective
Performers: Emma Hanekroot, Emma Versluys
Composer: Aura Bouw
Dramaturg: Merit Vessies
Artistic coaching: Nienke Rooiakkers, Bart Merks, Conni Trommlitz

This creation was realised with the support of Productiehuis Nowhere, Makershuis Tilburg, DansBrabant, Stichting Janivo, Korzo, Theater aan de Rijn.

Duration: 45min. - 3 hours (can be performed multiple times a day.

Location: Yellow days, yellow haze can be performed a diverse locations, specifically locations that differ from theatre settings.


Yellow days, yellow haze is an immersive installation performance combining dance, visual arts and music composition. It shows a fragment of the life of two people that, for years, have been living together in a house stripped of all sensory stimulation. The way their bodies move through the space becomes visible, as well as the way they search for connection while living past each other. By isolating themselves from a world that was too overwhelming, a more framed existence has come into being – a life without stimulation, change, and expectation.

Yellow days, yellow haze is the result of a research of extreme physical closeness within a state of emotional silence from the self and all surroundings. Peeled Collective recognizes a contradiction within themselves; there’s a need for change and a need for stagnancy at the same time. These needs have been composed into an extreme environment, playing with elements of disconnecting, searching for connection, creating impact and finding harmony. The work creates an oasis of quietness and calm within our chaotic world. The two bodies have found an organic ecosystem where they merge, impact, react and separate. It portrays diverse ways of coexistence where equality takes on different shapes.

The work is made to be presented in places that divert from the theatre setting, such as exhibition spaces, festival spaces, outdoor locations or at other inspiring locations. It can be presented multiple hours a day.


Trailer Yellow days, yellow haze


Trailer created by Conni Trommlitz