Verdragend Landschap (short film)

Credits, support and technical info


Concept and Creation: Peeled Collective
Performers: Emma Hanekroot, Emma Versluys
Music composition: Aura Bouw
Video: Chris Diepenhorst, Machine Made


This short film was made possible with the support of Cultuur Oost, Erfgoed Gelderland, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, Provincie Gelderland, Verhaal van Gelderland Festival

Technical info:

Duration: 4min.22

Verdragend Landschap is a short film created by Peeled Collective.


This film is inspired by the Dutch Waterline. The bunkers are spread throughout the country as the spine of the defense mechanism. Like a rotting body of which only bones are left. An abandoned place that has grown into the landscape through the passing of time. What is hidden in the (emotional) layers of the landscape? What happens when those layers are exposed? In this film we move in a short time through the memories of the landscape. The place takes us through emotions and experiences that existed there. A large or small moment in time that then dissolves again, leaving seemingly invisible traces. Bodies with whom we share a place but not a life, are allowed to return in this film and impact us.




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